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Darryl Jones, Deputy Director

The Office of Economic Vitality’s Minority, Women, & Small Business Enterprise (MWSBE) Division is committed to communicating the City of Tallahassee and Leon County procurement and contracting opportunities, enhancing business relationships, and increasing participation opportunities for certified minority, women, and small business enterprises.

Visit the City of Tallahassee or Leon County’s websites for information on each entity’s MWSBE policies and procurement opportunities.

Small Business Assistance

Our partners at the FAMU Small Business Development Center offers assistance to new and small business owners by evaluating business ideas, developing a business plan, and exploring financing options. Check out these Steps Before Starting Your Business.

LaTanya Raffington, Senior Coordinator

LaTanya Raffington, Senior Coordinator


The MWSBE team is responsible for determining eligibility for certifications, maintaining records of certified businesses, ensuring vendors are trained and ready to do business with the City of Tallahassee and Leon County, and establishing professional relationships with the owners of MWSBE businesses.

Become a Certified Minority Women, and Small Business Enterprise
Become a Re-Certified Minority Women, and Small Business Enterprise

Online Directory of Certified Businesses

City of Tallahassee
Leon County
FDOT Equal Opportunity Office


Shanea Wilks, Senior Coordinator

Disparity Study 2016

In accordance with recommendations made by the Minority Women and Small Business Programs Evaluation Citizen Committee, the County and City will be undergoing a disparity study review over the next 18 months. Disparity studies are performed to serve as the evidentiary basis for continued race/gender based programs with the overall objective to determine if a “compelling interest” to maintain programs to provide procurement opportunities to minority and woman-owned businesses exists.

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